All women get angry, but why are BLACK WOMEN singled out the most and labeled ANGRY BLACK WOMEN? Do they have the right to be angry?


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  1. “Love all these American and even British artists using African influences in hair, clothes, music and more. It is so inspiring and makes me so proud to be black, so proud to be African and it really is changing the game. But when was the last time they went?

  2. Like you said..all races if women get angry but with Black women our supposed anger is a detriment to society. also think that the Black womens ” anger ” is actually a code word for a lack of control.

    Recently, there was a young lady who was arrested by an officer,who had two other officers by his side and hundred others on the back and side of her. Those policemen could have killed her on the spot but thankfully they didn’t. Far as I was concerned, she was my personal superhero for standing up for truth and justice but a self hating Black man or White supremacist would have called her ” masculine “…a racist code word for practicing civil disobedience.

    Similarly to the masculine code word stereotype, anger for Black women isn’t so much about dealing with actual anger but rather its about the self haters and white supremacists who cannot gain control of them. These guys want them to be predictable, not be happy ,not be a free spirited self thinker and/ or to bow down to their every command.

    There was a website I was reading concerning Asian women.One of the questions asked to White/ non Asian men was why did they like Asian women? While some if the respondents answers were legitimate and sensible, a great majority of them ranged from bogus to purely stereotypical. It wasn’t about Asian women being great women, kind, or thoughtful but rather them docile, skinny and mostly ,they were ” obedient ” like they were children. At the end of the day,these fools want women who won’t defy them.As long as the women will make them selves unhappy for their men,they will not be seen as ” angry ” women .

  3. Anger is simply misdirected ENERGY! All of the energy that we have should be put to use in other ways! We need to focus on POSITIVE WAYS more. We need to unite and hold our HEADS up HIGH, regardless of what other’s think! Imagine the power we would have if we UNITED, instead of killing one another! Being held down is something that makes us have a lot of ANGER! No one is better than anyone, because we are all HUMAN Beings! Let us leave a better World for the children of today. Let us UNITE and LOVE one another! Try and try again till we SUCEED! Cheryl Glover

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