What would it take for Blacks to get on one accord with one another?



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  1. Sir Jolly NOble Reply

    if we chose to acknowlege that we were all created by one GOD only then we will be able to love one another just as we have loved ourself, the truth is how can we truly love when we refuse to acknowlege the presence of GOD in our life if we really or truly we can be in one accord we need to dwell in the secret place of GOD just as it is stated in paslm 91:1 then we can benning to love not just love but agape love once we feel that agape love in us only then we can live in one accord.

  2. ” What would it take for Blacks to get on one accord with each other ? ”

    Hmmmm…let’s see. Different strokes for different folks but my suggestion would be is for love and respect ourselves and our communities then pass those qualities into present and future generations.

    I was reading ( and posted ) a response about Black men needing Black women. Some of those posts I’ve read on there was terrible..like a white supremacist wrote them ( and with a couple of them,I don’t believe that they were all Black women/ men.Maybe I’m wrong but the language.. Idk). I was not only saddened, but admittedly..embarrassed by it. As a proud Black/ African American woman, it made me ask ” Is being Black/ African-American a bad thing?” I love who Iam but I’m thinking how can someone love who they are but degrading their people at the same time. I mean..I’ve been through a lot but I just get nauseous when we put each other down like that.

    Ironically, I grew up in a White community but my folks did everything in their power to make sure that my siblings and me got the best education about our Black heritage and mostly… as I’ve mentioned.. learning to respect and loving who we were and got more of being exposed to the truth about Black people by going to areas where mostly Black people lived.The Black families I knew weren’t ” baby mama’s “, didn’t put down each other and acted as a wide healthy network. They also made their kids go to church ( or mosques as some were Muslim) and made sure that their kids went to school.Though my father stopped being a parent to me, I was still blessed.. and even envied..BLACK families.. being together. I say ” blessed ” because too often ..we’re stereotyped as having broken families.

    I don’t have any children but if I did,I would hope to find a Black man who would share the same family values that I have.Sure ,my life was chaotic in the past,but it doesn’t mean it has to be my present and future. I’m learning from my fathers mistakes and my experiences. I want to be the better person and to be around positive people..people who shows strength and not weakness.

    I’ve been wronged by people in my own community but it doesn’t mean that I hate Black because of their actions because I don’t ,can’t and won’t. To disjoint yourself from your own community is them not dealing with the truth or finding peace within yourself. Running away from life problems isn’t going to help you.

    People talk about genocide and is often associated with Adolf Hitler when he gassed over 6 million Jews. Though Hitler used physical means to cause it,I also see genocide as an emotional,mental and or spiritual mode of destruction. As much as I love my people and community, the self hate is alarming . We wont have to worry about a Hitleresque person doing it to Black people.The self hate will be our genocide.

  3. We have to stop believing the rubbish that we have been fed most of our lives and realize that it was used as a way to keep us down and seperated. It is only by coming out of our comfort zones and making a stand whether it be by purchasing products from black owned companies, or becoming a mentor for black children it is by taking these small steps toward our own financial independence that we will make a difference. All the hollering and screaming in the world changes very little but if you hit them where they will feel it the most which is in the pocket then they will stand up and take notice of us. We have the power, we just need to use it to better ourselves and further our own endeavors within the black community.

  4. interracialicious Reply

    I don’t know the answer to that, but I do know black men are better off with white women.

  5. We can all be on one accord if everyone understood that the only division amongst black people is the notion that we are different.
    Light VS darker
    College education VS High School
    Young VS Old
    Male VS Female
    Christian VS Any other forms of Spirituality

    WE are the only people that compete with everyone within our own Race. All of these devices created mentally to keep us divided. Call it Willie Lynch or Keeping up with the Jones. But we degrade our sister’s and brothers and mock who we think has less than or not on our level. When the reality is, we can and sure support each other. Other cultures, just based on skin color embrace each other, and they support, they defend each other. Except for black people, we distance ourselves.

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