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Good evening lovers. The evening is winding down and hopefully you are cuddling with your beauty or beast and reading this together. Tonight’s topic is about being lost in love. When we get into a relationship with someone, we are enamored. We view them through rose colored lenses and they can do no wrong. The mere action of said lover tripping over something sets you on fire. You are in love! You find yourself daydreaming about them all day, asking yourself: “I wonder if they’re thinking about me?” “I can’t wait to see them!” You catch yourself checking your phone every other minute just to see if you have a missed call. Only to see a heartwarming text, “Babe I Just wanted you to know that I was thinking about you!” Is there a better feeling?

As time passes, you begin to navigate how you fit into one another’s lives. Work, school, relationship, passions, professional affiliations, friends and personal time becomes a balancing act. You have to figure out how to maintain your life and grow in your relationship simultaneously. But the energy from your love continues to draw you closer to them. You begin to come up with excuses to put off your priorities to spend time with them. “I can do my homework tomorrow right?” “I hung out with the girls three weeks ago,” “gym? One day won’t hurt right?” Yes, your relationship is worth it, but your anonymity is important as well.

Maintaining the “self” in your relationship is important to maintain the “us” in your union. You have to give yourself time to miss the person and even more important, you will have something to talk about when you reconvene. When you spend all of your time with your lover, someone will feel as though the other is being clingy and you begin to push that person away. Make sure that you are pushing the other person to grow personally as well as professionally. They can’t do that when they are laid up under you all the time. Having your time away will stoke the flame in your love. Longing for someone will make love making even more fulfilling!

Kiss your love goodnight, if they aren’t near you, send one of those cute emoji’s! I love you if you haven’t heard that today.


Love love,


The Krimson Thought

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4 Responses
  1. Melvinnia Caston Reply

    I totally feel the same thoughts as you do, but dig this I’m mixed race and love Blk Love. Ive been married twice to blk men. Yet todays blk men really aren’t looking for love like the old days. So so sad they don’t want relationships they want relations. My Lord where have efforts of going though the motions of courting it seems has its gone just like the good ol days. I don’t know I’m just saying.

  2. Beautifully said.

    For me, I’m not involved with anybody but I’m a woman who is for Black love..and love in general.

    I just got finished looking at a site .Sadly and similarly to the topic of discussion you had not long ago about needing Black women,the comments were degrading,unbelievable and even if the women in it were Black,they were still anti-Black.

    I feel bad for anybody who throw their own race on the back of the bus like a skinhead would..giving up on them because of bad experiences,something they seen on TV ,what someone told them about another race on the street,the environment they grew up in or as I’ve seen in many instances..people making up racist excuses in their profession for their love of a person of another race.

    As I’ve mentioned on a couple of occasions on here,I grew up in a White community. By right,my heart should have gravitated to White/ non black men and don’t get me wrong, there were some that I were attracted to but I also found the beauty and goodness of Black men..especially when my parents exposed me to more Black people and I’m very thankful that they did. Mind you that my father walked out on his family,but his parents stayed married for 55 + years before my grandfather passed and most of the Black people I was around stayed married and had..and still have.. successful generations of Black families. Its sad how some members of our community feel that Black love is non existent and even when Black people express love for their people, they will be accused of being ” racist” of ” hoteps”.

    I don’t know, about other people but I believe that Black love exists because, I’ve been surrounded by for years and what I see now. I’ve dated..and (once engaged) to a Black man.They weren’t the horrible deadbeat fathers that White supremacists or self hating Black people portray them to be. I’m also grateful for great friend of mine who is African American, who was married to her late husband for 40 years and who educated me what love is.It’s beautiful, unconditional, respectful and patient.To some self haters ,Black love doesn’t exists because they aren’t willing to be none of the above. So what? my dad screwed my family but it doesn’t mean that the Black man I may get will be the same way.

    If God blessed me with a man who is from another race that’s good and if he blesses me with a Black man ,it’s all great too. I just wish that some self hating Black person quit telling me that Black love have died because it haven’t.

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