All Eyes on Zulaikha & Pretoria High School for Girls


In South Africa, Zulaikha Patel, a 13 year old, has sparked a movement at Pretoria High School for Girls. Outraged by harassment, racism, and mistreatment that she has received due to how she wears her hair, Zulaikha is taking a stand and fighting back. She, her sister Amira, and their peers have band together and are protesting the unfair treatment of Black African Women and how they’re allowed to wear their hair. Zulaikha has struggled with being bullied because of her hair for a number of years. She has had to transfer to three different schools because of bullying from peers, as well as personnel. At times, Zulaikha’s hair has landed her in detention and other times, it has landed her a seat in the front of the classroom studying the code of conduct for her school.


However, this fight isn’t only about Zulaikha… This fight is for all of the Black Girls as Pretoria High School for Girls. It’s for Black Girls all over the world who have also had to encounter this very same issue and tone down the way that they wear their hair in order to put mainstream society more at ease about having Blacks in their presence. Zulaikha is not only protesting for change at Pretoria High School for Girls, she is protesting for change throughout all of South Africa because it is racist.


Even after being threatened with arrests, our South African girls are standing firm on what they believe in. They don’t call this Black August for nothing… Lots of Black Freedom Fights have made some powerful things happen throughout the history of the month of August. We Salute Zulaikha and the rest of our young Queens calling for change in South Africa and we stand in solidarity with all of our South African family calling for change in the code of conduct within their schools.

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  1. Born and raised in a country that is properly hers….yet looked upon as one who does not belong….is A great and deleterious lie !……..the true history of the place will and does show that she more then belongs there… was Zululand before it was so called “Pretoria”, “south Africa”…….why doe the white man call himself ” lord and master?…..why has the language changed to suit that “lord and master? Why is it today that Amazulu is not the dominant language?

  2. I find it interesting how the administration of Pretoria High School referred to Zulaika’s hair as ” untidy ” and especially this eye opening description of it : ” exotic “.

    Though they referred to her hair to be mean to Zulaikha, to say that her hair as exotic is odd. I mean,when White person refer to their people or a non person as that, they attempt to describe their features as great.

    Zulaika’s hair in enviable and her school must be jealous to say ” exotic “. I don’t know about anybody else, but I’m glad that I have Black hair. Unlike White hair,there is a lot of beauty and diversity in it

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