If I Am Ever To Die By The Hands of Police


Don’t lie down for the same amount of time my body did

Don’t ring a bell for the same amount of times I was shot

Don’t spread the news with my name as a hash tag

Don’t stand on cars and buses with flames lit like our hearts

Don’t get mad at the news for posting that I was a thug

Don’t hate the police for undertaking a job that wasn’t theirs

Don’t place candles on the blood stained cement where my body lay

Don’t hold my mother and ask her to be on your Sunday news show

Don’t write a poem in place of your anger that has turned to fear

It does not matter what I die by the hands of police for anymore

It does not matter that I was Black anymore

It does not matter how I could have held my hands a little higher to prove to them that I was not just surrendering to them

but I was really just lifting my hands to Heaven

to tell God that His child is about to come home again

Thy Will Be Done

I was not selling loose cigarettes

I was not buying skittle or tea

I was not slanging CDs

I was not making a turn without my signal

I was selling loose prayers

I was buying forgiven sins

I was slanging hope

And I was making the right turns even in the wrong neighborhoods

You know the ones where white men and women have picket fences

Let my Brother carry my body to the doorstep of my home

Let my Mother raise flowers from their seed in honor of her raising me right

Let my Grandmother hold my hand from that same doorstep to my casket

Let my Aunties cook my spirit in soul food for the family

Let my Cousins bake my name in their pound cakes and cookies

Let my Niece play with toys at the funeral so she doesn’t know that Uncle Mike is gone

Let my Godchildren say Parrain one more time

Then let them say Buried so the pain heals faster

Let my Friends say the prayer with the strength my Mother won’t have

Let my Pastor do the eulogy and quote me on my sins and repents

Let the Dead precede me in my obituary for they paved the way here on Earth and in Heaven

Let all things that shall be bound on Earth be bound in Heaven (x2)

And with the prayers of 1,000 angels

I pray that if I am ever to die by the hands of police

All of you will stand as tall as you can

Reach your hands as high as I tried to reach mine for salvation

From both police and the sins of my ancestors

Remind yourselves that you are exactly what our ancestors prayed for

…then raise hell.


Michael J. Seaberry

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8 Responses
  1. No one can critique a poem. Even though it wasn’t taken, have you heard of poetic liscence? #DunCurr

  2. That is awesome Mike. We are proud of you back home. Stay strong , great things are before you.

  3. Melissa Huddleston Reply

    Beautiful writing Micheal, thanks for sharing your heart and wisdom. Unfortunately, you had to defend your writing to a person that had to bring negative remarks, instead of embracing what you have shared with us in your writing.

    The faster we as blacks stoping looking for the negative in what one another do, the better off we will be. If we as blacks can take all that waisted negativity energy and lift one another up, the stronger we can be.
    Michael, please keep on the path you are on, its a blessing to have such a young black gifted young man as yourself to be able to write like this.

    Thank you

  4. Damn all of that and you don’t mention your father black men have let each other down you mention all the women supporting you and you don’t mention your father you black man are too much

    • Hi Dun Curr,

      I usually don’t respond to comments left by strangers on posts that I’ve written. However, this one deserved a response. MY father was killed in the line of duty when I was three years old. He was a police officer in my hometown and was fighting for rights of each and every person that looks like us.

      So when you say “you Black man are too much” I respectfully respond by correcting your statement to “you Black mEn are too much.” Then I respond by saying that you do not know my story, nor the story of any other person that you have never met. So please refrain from commenting and making yourself sound unapologetically ignorant.

      Stay Black!

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