Black Women, We Need You!


In light of all that has been happening in the country, I write to you all a love letter in support of my fellow Kings, also known as Black men. #Blacklivesmatter

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Dear Black Woman,

We need you… In spite of what has been said and or portrayed. We love us some Black women. The switch in your walk, the way the sun bounces off of your melanated skin, the way that your hair defies gravity, the strength that is embedded in you directly from our ancestors, we love you.

As you can tell, we are hurting. We are being killed at an alarming rate, they are taking us from you due to gun violence and mass incarceration. Some of us are subjected to viewing you from glass windows, some emasculated through the system, and an alarming amount of us would rather empower you through booty shaking music in strip clubs and music videos, rather than encouraging you towards acquiring an education from an institution of higher learning, leadership, trades, and promoting economic growth within our communities. We are lost.

Our family structure is crumbling at its core. There aren’t enough of us supporting you at home, you are raising our children alone, and our children are being educated by the very system that oppresses them. We apologize.

We need you…

We need you to continue to be the driving force that supports us. We need you to keep us home and out of the streets. We need you to show us how to love you in order to be better partners. We need you to point us in the right direction when all seems lost, and we need you to support our dreams when we express them. We need your sense of humor, and your calming presence. We need your soft and gentle hands to caress us after a long day. We need you to hold us accountable to all of our deeds as your men. We need you to encourage us to make it home safe and most importantly we need your unconditional love.

Black Women, we need you…


Black Men

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183 Responses
  1. Why do all black men have to take the blame for black women picking irresponsible losers to procreate with? The majority of black men in America don’t even have kids so why are we being blamed for the poor choices of these black women? She knew Pookie was not going to be a good father but he had swag so she decided to procreate with him.

    Until these whores are held accountable for their poor choices in black men there’s not going to be any change.

    • Lets expose it Reply

      A huge majority black women who are “woke” to the emotional and psychological tyranny/terrorism/manipulation have not “procreated” with black males. I certainly havent. Quite truthfully, I am convinced the worst decision that any black woman of sound mind could ever make would be to “procreate” with the average black male. So stop trying to minimize this collection of deductive, logical reasoning that one finds in these comments to women who are simply responding due to “poor personal choices”. Clearly, the thoughts expressed are rooted in a combination of experience, observation, and analysis of behaviors that have been made public. So I am not sure who this phantom “Pookie” is you’re making reference to. Furthermore, I certainly am not speaking about “uneducated”, nor poor black males when I speak of the ethical bankruptcy and terror that typifies the sociopathic modus operandi of collective black male “culture”. In fact, although the impoverished, uneducated and even criminal black male is an archetype, I am not even including that in my conclusions of what drives black males a collective. I have no interest in attacking the poor, nor those who have not chosen to access various modes of “education” .

      Your reductive statements about “poor choices in men” are ubiqitous amongst the black male woman-hating collective. You are truly presumptuous that the criticisms are coming from women who have romantic interest or experience with black males. I suppose you thought your simple minded “analysis” would bring forth the silence and complicity. Behavior and language such as yours is the exact sort of attitudinal demonstration of the perpetually female-hating black male that women are making reference to.

  2. i have zero interest in the self serving, unethical agendas of black males. the average black male is a pathetic creature suffering from a unique combination of race and gender dysphoria. there is no other race of male who has become known for competing with and denigrating his female racial counterparts. most non-black women (as well as black ones at this moment in history) who are “interested” or attached to black males have serious problems. physically, mentally, intellectually, emotionally, etc. they tend to be undesirable either in ways that are obvious or in ways that are more related to poor life choices or other kinds of deficiencies. I simply cannot imagine a normal, adjusted female that would find a black male suitable. the psychological inventory of the typical black male is indicative of sociopathy, gender dysphoria (their need to compete with black women), and intense, indelible feelings of racial inferiority. in short, black males are basically the turds of human males. the lack of ethics and basic decency that typifies their “culture” is far from anything a normal, consciously minded human being would ever find desirable to be affiliated with. instead of continuing to try to GROOM black women to be dedicated to your interests and available for your exploitation and terrorism, you should come to terms with the confused monstrosities you have allowed yourselves to become.

  3. This is my first time on this blog so I’ve never commented before, obviously. I have to say, no I don’t want to help black men. Somebody mentioned Korryn Gaines in these comments and I agree that when she died “for the cause”, I was absolutely stunned when so many black men called her everything but a child of god and were particularly vicious. I never forgot that. It made an impression on me. I thought BM would praise her bravery and sacrifice! What was I thinking??,……,……I want black men to go their own way and fi d their own way in life. I do not want black men calling on black women anymore. You BM have been absolutely horrible and relentless in your abuse of black women over the last DECADES! I do not support black men financially in any way (I won’t spend any money on products made by black men or buy tickets to black men’s concerts or films, nor do I buy music from BM. If I want to go to a salon & find out it’s run or owned by a BM, I cancel my appointment and never go there again)! Frankly, I’m just SICK of black men terrorizing black women in mainstream media and social media. Black women are cutting black men off financially. If black men need money they can go make their own by working.

  4. wolfman jenkins Reply

    Its john. I support and love black booty but only blackbooty that stands up for the people and has loyaly and is sexualy easy for me only.

  5. wolfman jenkins Reply

    Im john.I dont have a problem with blackwemen empowering me with her booty as long as she still got my back as Blackman. But some are fooling blackmen with their booty and making them think their for them a they represent the racist whites I hate this kind of black woman.

  6. I come to the conclusion that my very black family is inherently racist. And this is my sperm donor side of the family, who, have this notion that while it’s beautiful and and very proud to be black and they’ve become anti everything that’s not our race. And the latter is a fucking stupid mentality. My relatives automatically assume that everyone else that’s not black is scum and beneath them.

    I’ve been demoralized, raped, molested, beaten robbed, and talked to in a derogatory manner when I said no by black males. Not all black men are like this but 99% are.

    First of all racism is not just only akin to white people. All races are filled with racist dipshits that should DIAF (die in a fire). Black people ain’t no gotdamn exception. My cousin embarrassed me and threw me under  the proverbial fucking bus …. she yelled loudly that I don’t like black men in front of bum ass niggas. I deflected by making a great joke the guys laughed and talked about other things.

    That wasn’t her place to say that even if it was joking. I don’t know why she said that but after that day I’m never going to feel that closeness to her ever again. Cuz if I tell her how I feel she just going to start some shit.

    As intelligent in many things as my relative is, she’s  project ignorant which is weird because her parents  is nothing like that. I love her but that’s the only time that I felt so offended. I should be used to this bullshit by now but I’m not. I can hear my relatives now saying to some gossiping fool: “I’m sick of my cousins with these white people. Self hating negros.” There’s no pleasing them. Oh well.

    But I come to another conclusion: it’s my decision of who I fucking date and if no one likes it and they want to cut me off then so be it. Kiss my entire ass.  I’m a good person but just because I don’t date these fucking piece of shit black guys and be a side bitch and a doormat for crazy ass black males like my mammie female relatives I’m automatically a traitor in their eyes.

    So be it.

    Fuck em…they can keep each other company. I’m not.

    • random reader Reply

      I am not against swirling or black love TBH. Go where you are appreciated, taken care of, and respected period. I am not against black love but I do embrace non-blacks who treat blacks right. I don’t aim to be a blind apologist for uncalled for bull crap in the black community. In fact, speaking of your relatives, it would be a good idea for them to consider that perhaps black bigotry towards other people sometimes explain the bigotry they get from others. But there are pros/cons to every group. The bigotry in non-black groups contributes to some black bigotry at times too. Some decent non-black men “are” better than some tired black men but I just hope black women vet all men point black. Don’t put “any” above the other. I like alot of things about being black myself but that said, if your cousin had a problem with you, she could have acted like a grown behind woman and told you to your face in private. But that is what some stupid “basic black do”- loose cannon dumb crap like this- and they wonder why they get shade. Some of these “cracked nuts” start uncalled for drama with sensible pro-black people who don’t start stuff with them too but get mad when them folks clap back at them and call them them out for being drama filled but “head cases will do what they do.” I am not dissing your cousin I’m throwing shade at the stunt she pulled and the “shine” stuff “goofy nutball black people do.” Seen it up close and personal. Oh, and these over accomodating black women, relatives or not, that make it their mission to pander to “certain types of worthless BM that express blatant disdain out of a sense of pity, blind sense of racial obligation and misguided racial loyalty might need to get a freakin’ clue. Their blind coddling “does not” encourage productive results. All it does is give these idiots more fuel to further disrespect, take advantage of, create more problems for and resent black women more than they already do despite the effort these women do to extend an olive branch. It does not do anything productive so it needs to stop. This is one reason while I am not against all interracial relationships. I am in support of those that work and are done for the right reasons. I also don’t think all black men should be given a shot just because their black since some will do nothing but add unnecessary drama and pointless hardship to your life. However, I do hope that some people don’t exchange coddling “worthless non-black men” in place of “worthless black men” since the results can be just as dismal. I get it, certain black people ain’t worth the investment or time to deal with but there are times I do think both genders are guilty of dropping the ball in some of these cases. Both sides bring preconceived notions, drama, baggage, and other deadweight stuff from prior relationships so I think this should be sometimes considered at times by people. Anyway, I personally wish black women the best with whoever they chose to be with regardless of color/shade-and hope they go where they are accepted instead of tolerated because they have a right to be content and at peace like everybody else!

  7. Yes, yes, yes. The chicken have certainly come home to roost…Black Man. BW are freely expressing what was previously expressed behind closed doors. Now you know. We are so done. Done Wicha! You’re on your own now. Smh, we’ve been on our own for so long. Oh, maybe Becky will stand up for you. Good luck with that.

    Y’all are still getting shot down in the street by each other and the police. I’m not even moved about it anymore. It’s another day, another one bites the dust. As I ride off into the sunset with my lover of ‘other’ descent, it’s bye bye black man, black boy, fuccboi, lost boy.

  8. Jason Reynolds Reply

    This is kinda depressing. So many black women on here just oozing hatred. I almost thought I got on some racist site. Also it’s so crazy how half of these complaints are pure stereotypes and bullshit propaganda. Fact: 90% of black men date, love and marry black women. So your reasoning for all that “Go back to becky!” shit is not only petty and stupid, but vastly inaccurate. Also since when does mainstream media speak for all of black men? Lmfaooo like seriously you women are taking the commercialized bullshit that is current hip hop and rap and spreading that bullshit rhetoric like a blanket across all black men. Do you women even know how the media or the entertainment industry works? Lastly, how dare you take sole credit for fighting for the black community as if you are the only people doing that. That is disgusting in every aspect of the word. Just because you didn’t find Mr. Right doesn’t mean you get to throw a temper tantrum and childishly start spewing venomous words because of your own personal experiences. Whether you want to believe it or not the fact is there are a lot of happily married and dating black couples and families with upstanding black men and women. Honestly though I don’t care personally if you want to stop dating black men since it’s your decision and life but all Im saying is historically speaking who else had your back? No one can survive without the support of another. United we stand divided we fall so all this talk about “Fuck you black man your on your own!” Shit is literally the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard. You all just complain without making a single point or even trying to hear other people’s point of view. You all are the textbook definition of “misery loves company” and it’s just sad. Lmfaooo

    • random reader Reply

      What we said in reference to black men is no more depressing than having to hear them bad mouth us for the mistake of some women. Our so-called “racist comments” are no worse than the “sexist” comments coming from black men. Speaking of which, I wonder if some of you telling us how ridiculous we sound go to sites where black men are bashing black women on the regular to tell them the same thing. Alot of these complaints women have are harsh truths and facts-and,they do not change because some men refuse to acknowledge the validity. What’s “petty and stupid” is wanting support from women “you claim to hate” and openly bash so there!Also, people do not have to be on mainstream media to get the message that black women are disliked by black men because the message is a running theme online, on tv, and offline. The denial/dismissal or ignorance-willful of not- of sexism makes you look like like a joke-either uninformed or pitiful. Deflecting about the media/entertainment industry does not excuse the fact that black men are not blameless people that treat black women right. As for us taking credit for fighting, we have every right to defend our part in fighting for the community when some black men lie and dismiss our role in doing that. Men did not do it all by themselves either. I am not saying you necessarily said this but alot of men imply this so we have a right to defend our efforts in light of those lies. People finding/not finding Mr.Right does not take away from the reality/truth that some black men have done as many things wrong to BW as they accuse us of doing to them too. Speaking of which, alot of men that respond to what we say or bash us are single or unhappily coupled so the “pot is calling the kettle black.” But my question is if alot of you are so happily single or with someone you claim to care about whether nonwhite/black, why do you make the time to comment to statements said by women you “claim to hate.” (Me personally, I am good but I respond because black women have the right to respond to sexist drivel and question erroneous bull crap spewed.) Anyway, happy black couples do not change the fact that some black men need to get their own house in order themselves instead of constantly”looking down on women” since they have plenty of issues themselves. So what if some of these men are offended being called on their crap. I personally don’t care about your personal life either but all I’m saying is “who are you to call women out on things when you are guilty of doing them yourself-and, alot of you have not always had our backs. Support is not reality if certain parties are not trying to do that so it is what it is. As for united we stand, black men and black women have disunited for a minute. Black men have given us their behind to kiss so it has been division. Miss me with this unity claptrap. Where was this “unity rhetoric” when it was mostly men leaving the black community, swirling, and bashing black women. It’s very telling that much of this hogwash has been directed toward black women as of late. The rebuttals to the honest points Black women make are the dumbest crap “I” ever heard! People want to dismiss the complaints of black women because it conflicts with their warped narratives but doing so does not change the truth. The people who do this are perfect examples of folks that are a joke-and they are the ones who truly look pitiful and sad. LMFAO myself.

  9. El Shamu proved our point beautifully. Keep leaving ladies. We deserve so much better. RIP Blackistan!

    • Dear Black Men

      We do not give AF anymore. I am married to a black man, and he is a wonderful man YET so difficult to find. I did not marry until 41 years of age. I have no children, because I wanted to wait to marry and now I have a small window of time if I want to have children. Luckily my husband is not pressed. Even though I have a wonderful black man in my life who put a ring on it and is the best man I’ve ever had, I will NEVER FORGET how abusive the majority of you black men are and have been starting with my father. You know, a few months ago I decided to start my own YouTube channel for kids and I needed a few Barbie dolls. For shits and giggles, I wanted to see if my father would buy me a Barbie doll to start me off with and to my surprise, he was able to to do so. I cried a little to myself as I realized it was the only doll he’s ever bought me in my life. While my father was living life dodging responsibilities as a father like the majority of you black males… I was sexually assaulted and abused many times by black men. Like so many other black women, we’ve had it with your abuse in our lives and on social media. Go FUCK YOURSELVES with a police gun up the ass. We do not care anymore. Your KARMA will be real and this time, we plan to remain feminine and focused on womanhood and not the the war that you men are losing to white males. Its’ not our issue. Sincerely, A Black Woman.

  10. Help yourselves. If you’re not a close male relative, I feel nothing for you. Go call on them light skinned and “exotic” bitches you all love to waste your fortunes on (the small minority of you who can bounce a ball or entertain). I’m too pretty and smart to be coddling some grown ass men when I could be somewhere else being appreciated. BLACK WOMEN PUT YOURSELF FIRST.

  11. Dear Black Men,

    Your karma comes first and hard, doesn’t it? When you get it, you get it. And guess what? You guys got it and still getting it. And if this doesn’t make sense to you, it’s because you didn’t get it, even though you got it. Get it? LOL.

  12. black males . . . hindsight is 20/20, huh? you all should have been doing better all along. you have disappointed black women with your selfish, childish ways. you have name-called black women, accused them of being “the world’s worst steward of children” (children that you left black girls/women to raise alone, btw). you have thrown shade at the physical appearance of black women. you have sang the praises of other women while throwing black women under the bus. speaking of throwing black women under the bus, you have beaten and killed black women and your own children more than any other entity in the world. I really could go on and on, but you get the picture. now you want to come with some lame apology because you see your gravy train of on-demand sex and a place to stay when your mama, auntie, cousin, and them get tired of you and put you out, coming to a screeching halt. black males, keep your apologies. we already know how sorry you are, and now so does everybody else. go on to brazil or overseas to china for your beautiful exotic women. you’ve been planning that failed exodus since around 2006 and it hasn’t happened yet. what’s the problem? or even better yet, go for your ultimate goal: the white woman. you know, because the white man has done you so wrong and the way to exact your revenge on him is by getting with his white woman. go ahead and do that. keep going out into the world telling anybody who will listen to your sorry behinds about good your sex game is while being the most unproductive, non-motivated, and violent beings to inhabit the planet. and by all means, keep making those stupid youtube videos telling everyone about how you can sit around on your lazy bum behinds making said videos because you are independently wealthy and retired, (lol) so you spend your time doing videos and podcasts about the very women for whom you have such a keen distaste. no, you make videos and podcasts because you have no life. some of you are young and awkward and have no clue as to how to talk to women, so you are mad and you make videos in an attempt to cover your lameness. the rest of you are too old (30+) and are upset that you didn’t get the woman you wanted when you were younger because you were lame. you couldn’t figure out that you needed more than book smarts to impress women. you never learned social graces and nuances, so you use social media as a balm for your lameness. you see, black males, black girls/women are finally sick and tired of being sick and tired of your disappointing selves. black males, you blew it. #gameover

  13. Go get Becky, Maria and Lin to save you.
    You always want non-black and mixed pussy, then get that non-black and mixed pussy to march and mammy for you.

    BW, its time to leave these males alone.
    let them fight their own battles.

  14. Gold! The niggaa in the comments went from “Sista but we need each other” to “Fuck you! We wasn’t gon do shit for you anyway!” (Duh!)

    We got these niggas on the ropes. Once they see we ain’t buying the faux apologies, they’re going to implode and start acting out like feral raccoons.

  15. I say fk this so called apology and fk black men.
    There’s sisters happy and thriving with non black men and free of black male drama and I’m planning on joining that club.

  16. Just LOL I’m not fighting for any black man? It’s Saturday, I’m going to be lounging on a boat that is black-man-free. They’re men, they can fight for themselves and compete with other men like men are supposed to do.


  17. I got so overwhelmed by the first paragraph I couldn’t even finish reading the rest of the article! It’s too much work and too stressful. I don’t have the time, or patience. As a woman, it is not my responsibility to be on the front lines. That’s a man’s job. What about what I need? Oh, crickets chirping now? Sorry boys, I ain’t got it.

  18. CreatetheLife Reply

    I am awake at last. This plea falls on deaf ears. I don’t hate you black man (boy), but I no longer see you. I no longer try to connect with you when I am out and about living my life. The abuse started early. My father struck my mother when I was a toddler because “she sassed him”. She was NOT going to be a punching bag, so my mother took my older sister and me, and moved back home with her mother, grandmother, and great aunt. He didn’t grieve the loss of my mother, or me very long. A day before I turned 4 years old, my half-sister was born to another woman who already had 3 kids out of wedlock. So I grew up fatherless. When I was 5, a black boy who was 6 lured me into a dark room at church while evening service was going on. He pushed me to the floor grinding into my behind. When I couldn’t breathe or escape and started crying, he fled, leaving me on the floor, still crying in the dark. When I was 6, a 7 year old black boy had me strip down to my nakedness while we were at his home alone. His father, who was supposedly a close friend of my working mother, had left us alone. He wanted to do what he saw his father and his father’s girlfriend do. So he told me to lay on top of his father’s bed, and grinded his skinny 7 year old body into my skinny 6 year old body making sounds that I guess he thought were adult like. When I was 8, a 10 year old black boy locked his fists together and swung at my head like it was a baseball. He hit me so hard that he knocked me down a flight of 6 stairs. Crying, I asked him why he did that to me, he simply replied, because he wanted to. I had done nothing to him. One night, when I was 11, we were taking a 16 year old black boy home from church that I had a crush on. My mom’s little Mustang was crowded. I was sitting in the front in the middle of the two bucket seats, and my crush was sitting in the back seat, in the dark. I felt his hand coming up under my skirt and into my panties. I tried to squirm away without bringing attention to what was going on. He stroked softly between my legs, and I was embarrassed when I become wet. He stroked several more minutes, then withdrew his fingers. I could tell that he had licked his fingers in the dark. I was so ashamed of my body’s response to me, and never told anyone. When I was 16, I was at school at drill team practice when a black basketball player chased me. I thought we were just playing until he pushed me up against the gym doors, and roughly kissed me, pinning me against the doors so that I couldn’t get away. I thought that he was going to sexually assault me, until I was finally able to break the kiss and start screaming. Sixteen was quite the eventful year. I was at church again. In the basement there were banks of phones and I had gone down there to call a boy that I had a crush on. I heard someone come downstairs. When I told the boy to hold on and looked out, there was the two years older brother of my bestie. I went back to the phone and ended the call. As I tried to leave the room, the brother blocked me from leaving. There were two doors to the room. I went down to the other one. He blocked that one too. I told him that I was going to scream and to let me out. He said that he didn’t care, go ahead and scream. I told him that I wasn’t playing. He stared at me for a while and finally let me go after I tried getting past him several times. I really think that he was trying to calculate if he could get away with assaulting me. I believe that he didn’t want to have to kill me to keep me from telling and decided to let me go. He is currently in prison for killing his wife. My black “play uncle” who was about 15 years older than me, would ask me questions like if I was curious about sex. Of course I was, but I wanted to remain a virgin until I was married. Once, he came to my mom’s house so that we could go visit church members who hadn’t been to church in awhile. I was about to get into the shower so I told him to wait a minute before coming in so I could reach the bathroom. I turned, and he began coming through the front door of the house. My towel slipped as I reached the bathroom and slammed and locked the door. He knew that he had messed up. When I came out of the house fully dressed, I was angry, hurt, and petulant. He was sitting in the car, embarrassed, but had the nerve to ask me what was wrong. He was married with 3 children. Then at 23 I got married to a black man shyster. He was a lousy, selfish lover, who I completely believe is bi-sexual. He was a 10 minute lover who once put my panties, bra, skirt, blazer, and brand new lipstick while I was in the bathroom taking a shower. He was always trying to persuade me to allow him to have anal sex with me. My next black male husband was gay. No doubt about it. He married me to hide his sexual orientation from his family. We didn’t have sex before we married, or during. My third marriage is ending because my third black husband treated me like crap, always wondering if he was missing the green grass he thought he saw on the other side of the fence. The best part of the marriage was the sex, but that wasn’t enough. He was emotionally abusive, selfish, not protective at all, had an emotional affair, and has strippers on his FB page. So yeah, grow up black men (boys). This black woman has indeed turned her back on black males, just like they have turned their backs on me. I am educated with three progressive college degrees, a homeowner, the mother to one child, attractive, intelligent, funny, loyal, hardworking, Christian, and yes, awesome in bed. All that I am has not been enough for black men. I am cutting my losses and moving on. Many non-black men, want a black woman like me, and will value someone as wonderful as me, who has so much to offer. I’ll be 54 soon, and can pass for a woman in my 40’s because you know, “black don’t crack”. I am fully embracing the next chapter that is now being written in my life. Thankfully, the rest of the book will not include a black man.

  19. Someone save the poor woman in the pic accompanying this article, looks like she’s being held captive! Run girl run, and don’t look back!

    • you are more concern about the women in the pic than you are about getting you a life…..if you had one you wouldn’t be in here expressing all of your anger. I don’t blame the man who left you, I would have hurried and done the same….me, I spot coons like you miles away, before the encounter….

      • Says the insane loser EL SAMBO whose nonsensical responses to almost every post (YOU get a life idiot) only serve to expose his 5th grade education level. Can you even string together a coherent response?

        I’ve never been with a black man and never will be, totally disgusting. That’s right punk, you better steer clear of me because I will definitely steer clear of you (or any BM not already vetted by a BW). This is the last post of yours I will acknowledge since you are so clearly beneath me, pathetic fool.

    • you hate your father and son so that it’s showing up in your writing. Enough to spill venom on him, your son, to start another cycle of your mentality……

  20. Oh now you need us? We’ve loved and been faithful to you, but you throw us to the side for what you consider to be an exotic ( anything that isnt black) woman. We need love,respect and appreciation from you, but in your eyes we’re not worth it. This artical is a slap in the face to black women because it shows that you only want us when it’s convenient. As soon as we’ve stood by you and helped you to get on your feet, you leave us for Becky, Gloria, or Ming.

  21. It’s very sad that the black women here are so harsh towards the black men. I am a black woman and understand both views. I can definitely see the pain in all parties. The black children have to be taught their worth. It starts at home and resonates everywhere else. People have to create value for one another. I am raising my children to value education and understand finance which are two venues that many of us lack knowledge in.

    • I can only say that you are a true Black Woman for our next generation and not the selfish type. I can only give honor to you and all that you do in your role in correcting these wrongs. The Most High will continue to blessing you in all that you do because it is black women like you who have carried our communities on your backs when times the casualty of the Black Male was catastrophic,

  22. May the Black men of America get as good as they give to Black American women. Which means they should be on the standby for leftovers and almost dones. I have no plans to get beat down or shot down for any so called Black Kangdumb foolishness. Let all the White girls, Hispanic girls and Asian girls stand shoulder to shoulder with you and catch all the heat. If they are good enough for the celebration let them be good enough for the struggle. #StayWoke

    • That’s right, the world will turn and you can’t stop it……by your comment you must have gotten in the way and got the shit knocked right out of yo asssss……

  23. As an African American woman, I admire, the responses.
    I would applaud, ACTION, to compliment them.
    We are used, abused, manipulated, because WE, allow it.
    Respect, begets, respect. Respect of self, will naturally create a domino effect.

    • as a black male I am certainly not moved by these vicarious comments that have been made, it reflects the real reason why our communities have been destroyed……it was a black woman who produced these men and what they are claimed to be. You carry the shame as well that you work endlessly to cover.

  24. Victoria Marie Reply

    Dear black man ,

    I will not help you , we are tired of you talking shit to about us on social media , we are tired of you comparing how no black women are better then us . We are tired of being the butt of every joke … Now you want us to help you , after black women done been their for you since the beginning… I’m tired of black men blaming us for everything , I’m tired of black men saying black women destroyed the black community , when the number one killer of blavk people is black men … Black women are tired of being down for black men and as soon as a non black women gives you attention you leave us in the dust … Why do we have to help you when black men are still disrespecting black women , beaten black women , raping black women and molesting black women, now all of a sudden because cops are killing you you want our help , when are y’all going to March for the victims of rape , domestic violence and killings of black women .. Until you show black women that we matter , fuck y’all .. Go ask a non black women to help you black men … BLACK WOMEN ARE FED TF UP .. You are own your own let’s see how many non black women have your backs #blackwomenlivesmattertoo

    • if you type of black women had been anywhere our communities wouldn’t be in the conditions they are today….your cycle is you are stupid, the men you meet are stupid, and they all were birth by stupid women

  25. interracialicious Reply

    Why the fuck is this fool begging for black womens help? Fuck these useless hoes. They’re only good for a quick nut and a punching bag. We don’t need this baggage. Quit being bitches, man up and get shit done ourselves. Fuck them hoes.

    • We know the type that harbors nothing but anger and put-downs…..hell no, no black man are going to jump across the moon for black women with all of these fictitious ass believes……to satisfy those fake ass beliefs that they are carrying in that dumb ass head…..they better keep working 5 jobs and yall type of black women are gonna need about 10 degrees……

  26. Fuck these weak niggaz Reply

    I live for these comments!! I’m so tired of being on the front lines fighting with police for black men who sit and watch as cops beat me for defending THEM!
    How many times have I been called too black too dark too nappy headed by a black man?
    Why can’t I wear what I choose without having to endure sexual harassment from ignorant black men with no self control?
    Why can’t I turn down a black mans weak whack ass advances without being called a bitch, a hoe, threatened…?
    Why can’t I just live and be free outside without having some disrespectful black man try to touch me? Its sad.
    They dont know what boundaries are, they only understand this with non black women. You will never see a black man grab a non black woman, yet they think it’s ok to disrespect us in that way. Fuck black men. Yall weak ass fuck and I have to fear you and have anxiety every time you are around me.
    And the sad thing is, instead of these weak niggers fixing the problem, they choose to make excuses or tell us how WE lose without THEM Lol that’s hilarious!
    I can’t do it anymore. I’m just done. Simple as that. Hope white and trashy ass Spanish and Asian women know how to cook and fight lol let’s see if they hold your burnt cookie lookin ass down nigga! We dont get any protection from you, you watch other black men harass and assault us in the streets and you say nothing, most of you niggas laugh or join in. So, die slow bitch! Good luck!

    • all of that happen is because you are stupid and you be around stupid ass niggas…’s not all about physical fights anyway… should be thankful they didn’t bust a cap off in your ass being around stupid asss niggas … that is not the procedure to fight the police. When you do, you better have an army prepared……

      • This is exactly WHY the majority of these sistahs do not accept this apology. They know how you needgros really feel about them. Hence, you are losing thousands upon thousands of them. At a time when you should be saying things to make things right, you are in here saying things to make things worse. Yall just don’t get it and at this point it’s too late anyway. Of course, you can state that you don’t care. But that’s just it…black men have really never cared for their black women or children. Bye Felecia.

  27. This nigga is talking about using artificial wombs to create black males since black women are saying no to the abuse and slander of black males and saying fuck you… How pathetic. Instead of doing right by your women you would rather use technology. Plus you niggas can’t even organize to do shit for your own communities and you expect niggas to organize long enough to use artificial wombs to birth more degenerate black males… These niggas are beyond mental smh…

    • who are you, some crackkka with some psychotic mind with nothing to do but ease drop on the black discussions. You have all of the credentials of a cowardly crackkka who would hide behind a computer to put his nose into everybody’s business except your own…. talk about being fuck-up, the cause of everything fuck-up in this world is because of crackkkas like yourself manipulating the affairs of others……You will always be on the shit list until the day you die…..

    • I’m over here in stitches. LOL They are delusional. Half of them can’t even read beyond a 3rd grade level, but think they’re going to somehow become pioneers in technology. Okay. Sure. LOL

  28. thetranshumanistgod Reply

    If you are a black man and are reading the responses from black women, clearly you must come to understand that we are on our own. However, to this I say do not worry, but change yourselves and create a culture based in a mission. Below is a link to a video about a promising new technology with which new and superior men can be created absent the womb of a woman. To my brethren who read this post and hear this call, devote yourselves ENTIRELY to seeing that you may acquire the skills and means to see it’s development through. If you are in college change your majors to both the STEM fields necessary to gain the knowledge needed to produce it and acquire the business and entrepreneurial means to get the resources to see it developed. In these times of darkness we must create our light, and in these times where the gods of men have failed us, we must become our own. Black man, I plant this seed in your spirit, let it grow.

    • Great, and once you BM develop (lol, yea right) this technology, lolololol, you can get used to planting your seeds in each other’s rectums.

    • All the money and the white man’s things in this world will never satisfy a fool…..a woman have to be born with satisfaction……besides, there are black women out there on every level that that black man is on and will grow with that. no black man have to out do no hostile ass crackkka just to please you… ass going to hell just like any other broke ass nigga…no matter how much you think you have achieved.

  29. Notice how this weak ass letter is all about what the Black man NEEDS. These sorry dudes can’t even beg right. How about you try promising ( not that I would believe it) to make your communities safe. Start kicking the asses of dope boys, pimps, car jackers, gangsters, child molesters, and thieves so that the hood will be safe. Pay your damn child support. Stop being criminals. Get educated. Act like a protector instead of a punk. I’m so glad that sisters are waking up. You all are our biggest problem. By not dealing with you, we decrease the likelihood of being broke, diseased, abused, abandoned, and depressed. Why wouldn’t a sane woman run from you? Your divorce rate is higher when you marry NON Black women so clearly, the problem is you. You all are certified fuck ups and your apology is too late. Get those non Black women who you praise so much to be a human shield for your weak ass.

    • ……as though you are enjoying yourself…..Why are you in here complaining, go and suck on a crackkka dick…..act out what you have always been wanting to do…

  30. Fuck you niggas Reply

    Kick rocks and bricks with sandals on niccas! Aint nobody going to rescue you or what ever is left of blackistan. Let that mfer burn down with you along with it. Hey maybe meiling and them can ask dwight man and the kajun man to stop killing yoooos all. Lmao

  31. CaribbeanGlow Reply

    I told you we needed each other years ago. I didn’t ask for anything outlandish in the way of love. You told me you had options. You told me I just wasn’t doing enough to make the cut. You told me I was not your default. You said you did not belong to me.

    No black man has been taken from me via gun violence or incarceration. Every black man I “lost out on” simply “chose” a Latina, a Persian; a white woman. They are the ones you said make you stay home, just by virtue of their innate femininity. They are the ones you need now.

      • I couldn’t have said it better, El Shamu. A sick mind will lead to f*cked up choices. Just like the choice you made to come on this board and comment. Galong (that’s patois for go along) and go find the black women who aren’t f*cked up and be happy. Simples.

  32. Falone Africa Reply

    Dang shit is real out here. You Americans have issues left right and center, just resolve your differences.

    • And I’m guessing you think Africans (according to your screename) don’t? HA! Are you havin’ a laugh?!

  33. We feel safer around white cops than your ignorant, diseased, violent and sexually predatory asses. You kill each other en masses but get mad when cops do the same. GTFOH.

    • you are the epitome of the rest……when sick minded bitches like yourself try and maliciously calculate harm against another……yes, those tendencies will be acted out….


    So it turns out that “Black love” is actually black “men” begging for more opportunities to be on bullshit. I’m definitely not here for it.


    Imma tell you like I told my husband…..

    “No, nigga.”

    • you have never been where it will do any good……why are you so curious about BLACK LOVE and have so much animosity toward Black Males???? and …..Who taught
      you didn’t have to stop sucking on that cracckkka DICK to stick your nose over here.

  35. Fuck you. Black women have enough bullshit on their plates. Why do black men think it’s ok to treat us like shit, and skin and grin with Becky while we struggle but yet always turn to us black women to fix their problems? We don’t have time to mother and raise grown ass men. We are improving our lives and happily jumping out the way so you can ruin mei lings life instead of ours. RUN TELL LING AND BECKY TO HELP YOU!!! We black women do not owe you a kindness.
    Kiss my ass.
    That black bitch you hated so much before they started murdering ya asses.

    • Thank you for expressing such sick comments…..the need for your type is less than zero…now we know why you are having problems….

  36. I will never stand by black men. You are getting karma for your actions towards your women and children… I don’t care what happens to you, you don’t love black women or children…

    • You should have been gone…..the black community will be in a much better condition, especially without a weak mind idiot who wants to blame and doubt every black man that you see….You ain’t experienced every black man out here …..foollllllll….stop being sick minded and you will find a good man….period….

  37. I’m waiting for my strong black man and together we will help build systems to slow and reverse the source of all this hurt and confusion I see in the comments. You HAVE black women, you don’t need them. Go home. Go home and lead. The man’s job is to lead so where have you all led us? You said Becky was a freak so we took over strip clubs. You said Mylinh was a genius so we took over education. Then you called us gold digging baby mamas and we turned our backs. Promote us.

  38. El Samu, you weak bitch, stfu! Instead of crying like the weakling you are, why don’t you Negroes go out and build something! Like an economy!! Opps that would require hard work which none of you couch surfing mama’s boys rejects have!

    • They’re too busy selling poorly designed t-shirts and CDs out the back of a truck thinking they’re gonna be the next Jay-Z. Real work? Wealth and society building? Power? Nah, that’s for simps, also known as “white men.” So glad you’ve gone Becky and Mei Ling, let them deal with your mess for a change…I’ll be over here with Brad.

    • I don’t know where you rejected bitter black bitches women think you can tell black men what to do and when to do it. Black men are not your serfs. We do not obey or captipulate to self-hating bedwenches. We fight for our own and on our own time schedule, not at the behest of self-hating, treacherous, benighted, white supremacist bedwenches. You will not police us in real life, on this forum or anywhere. Remember your fucking place.

        • LOLOLOLOLOLOL, this loser STEVIE is a fool! Listen to him! Lol, OMG, go run to the white man to get your meds STEVIE, quick! Before you become another black male jailbird stat (if you aren’t already). Pathetic.

      • random reader Reply

        Bitter black males have nerve coming at black women oriented posts and BW-oriented sites trying to tell us what to do. We are not your property and we are not obligated to capitulate to men that openly admit they don’t give a care about us.

        We fight for our own and on our own time schedule, not at the behest of self-hating, treacherous, benighted, white supremacist bedwenches.

        In fact, y’all don’t fight for your own regardless of the time schedule-which is why some people write us asking for help. Regardless of any of that, some of us here apparently don’t care to so consider going to the black women/nonblack people who claim to/or actually want to because alot of us don’t.

    • ………….so that women like yourself could doubt it and tear it down and completely destroy it like you are during to this article and so many Black Men who have been in your life….you don’t sound like a woman you sound like a bitch’in mule who want to be seen …Your mental condition is wanting to speak for every Black Woman out here and not accounting for your own inadequacies. Speak for yourself which you are toooo dam weak to do. Your lies and hatred have caught up with you and now forming into anger that you take out on ever black male that you see. You cut every black male down as though we all done something to you but unaware of you selfish selection the men that you attracted were the same as you… things are being built as I type, our communities are having to weave out problems like you, yourself. You mind is so subliminally influance by your master until you will go to great extent to destroy every Black male that you see including your son……if you haven’t already…

  39. Black men, you are on your own. I will not dedicate anymore of my precious time trying to build with weak ass coons who would rather bash black women all damn day on YouTube, Facebook or any other website, than to simply work on their own issues and become productive citizens. No wonder black males have not advanced in 40 plus years, you all are weak and refuse to man up! You don’t want black women as allies but as your foot stool, but sorry y’all will never win in this game called Patriarchy! Stop begging! Y’all have NO infrastructure or plans to bring any economic power which is what the hell black people needed 500 years ago! We probably would’ve never ended up in slavery if it wasn’t for you sell out negroes and your mammies acting like protecting weak black males was top priority over the better good of African people. Fuck you! Ole cry baby ass nigga.

    • ……we been on our own you certainly have never been there, and you haven’t tried to do nothing because if you did you would be so angry which is your guilt showing up…..

      • random reader Reply

        If black women have never tried to do anything then why did this person write this letter and why are you on here trying to make women feel guilty for not continuing to do so?

      • Terrible Tammy Reply

        If black women were not there for black men, there would be a lot less black people period, some of ya’ll right now wouldn’t have a roof over your heads, how easy you forget. The pathetic thing is, black men in general aren’t providing, protecting and building infrastructure all while blabbing about thinly veiled black male supremacy, evil white men, child support, women’s rights and weaves. You’re practically a burden (to even those non-black women you’re increasingly dumping babies on) and you’re not in a position to make any demands lol.

  40. I must admit,it is very sad to hear the comments from this blog yet I understand the backlash from our women.I apologize as a black man regardless if it’s late.There is nothing in this world that is absolute and what I’m speaking about specifically is the inference of the black man’s disposition. I admit our attitudes and behaviors as black men are unacceptable and a serious remedy is needed badly.I feel the anger in the words written by our black women and it is very justified yet I think we should all look at this whole mess together because it feels like we are playing out someones script.This script ends with the total genetic destruction of us as a people and this is nothing new.Black women as beautiful as you are,look in the mirror and see the gorgeous shades of jet black to brown.It took a pair of melanated people to create you.Without us there is no you phenotypically speaking.Some outside force,some subliminal suggestion got this ball rolling and please don’t get me wrong we as men still have the responsibility for the harmful acts we have done to our women and communities yet we were weak and drunk the cool aid. Lets look at the cause that caused the cause in all of this. There has to be a starting point and I’m committed to help build better relationships and communities. I know everyone won’t be on board and that’s life because there’s been so much emotional damage. I myself was raised in a single parent household without my father. He was also brought up in a single parent home but should I harbor negative feelings for the rest of my life towards him,not at all.This pattern started in the early 70s and it is apart of the social engineering that has us in this predicament now such as the gender war between black men and women. The idea has always been to separate us as a family and we need to ask our selves to what end???? Are we really ready to see the fallout of a gender war?Are we really ready to face the music after this country achieves its goal of annihilation of our race? Any one that doesn’t see it coming is seriously uninformed. An attack on us as men is an attack on black women and vice versa. No job or amount of money can forge our relationships if we are not willing to do so ourselves. I send peace and healing out to all ebony women out there that’s hurting from all of this. Please mothers ask yourselves what plans do you have for your sons if this hatred for black men spreads throughout our communities as it has been in white communities for centuries.Lets take a deeper look at what’s going on here. Peace

    • Nope. The black race is fine. We aren’t going anywhere as long as Andre has 18 kids by 16 different women. Try again. You are too concerned with the hatred of black men, and barely concerned about the hatred of black women. BARELY. Black women have been getting the lions share of the hate and have been abandoned to deal with the bullshit. No one cares if you go down. I advise black women to have no more than 2 children who are daughters not sons.

      • Black women need not take the advice of self-hating crone like yourself. They need to continue having children and doing what has led to black Americans being the most populous and successful black disapora in the world. Bitter white supremacist women like you respond to no questions because you have no answers. Black Americans are the greatest black people on Earth because of our habits.

        Black women in Argentina bred out of their race, policed black breeding, and black people were wiped out because of it. This is your so-called “plan”. Kick rocks, moron.

        • I’m a black woman and I choose to listen to the wise crone, not the failed pathetic patriarch!

        • Exucse me? Black Americans the most successful? Nope. There are only 12 black billionaires in the world. Only 3 of them are American and they don’t even have the greatest wealth. The rest are African or British. All of Africa has less black people in jail than black men in jail in America. The black African middle class is growing, the Black American middle class is dying. And it is black American HABITS that are killing the black middle class.
          Being so materialistic. Not re-investing in your communities. Not investing in education. Not owning anything. Being consumers and not producers. And who preaches all this? The black celebrities/ sports stars and rappers whom black Americans worship and emulate.

    • There is NO WAY I’m having black sons, so stop trying to pull that angle. Like we said, you’re on your own. Useless negros.

      • There are millions of black women on Earth who will have black sons and continue black people’s line. Your suicidal self-hating, white supremacist ideology can burn in hell with you.

    • CaribbeanGlow Reply

      I tried to alert black men that they were committing genocide. They said a child is black if the father is black. Well, if a womb is black the child should be just as black. I don’t consider biracial people black but it’s better to have a biracial child in love and protection than a black child just to be able to say you’re continuing the black race, but you’re unhappy, on your own, and afraid and worried all the time. Maybe the race will dwindle, but the relative few stable black couples will procreate. And there’s always other countries with black people in them.

    • I don’t apologize for sickness and everyone who made a sick comment about EVERY BLACK MAN is during something to them should be assign to a mental institution. That is no better than a racist who would say that one race of people is all the same. You Brotha, and along with these idiots have just denied every black family that is out here today regardless if they are struggling or maintaining and who maybe already successful. It is brothas like you who they are mad at. Brothas that would say all of this sweet shit and not able to come through with what you are talking about. These negative Black women, ((Hoes)), on this blog are unrepairable and need to park themselves into the next human junkyard that they see….you can’t teach an old dog new tricks….Time is telling on them and their game has played out to the point and fact that the unverse knows what waste in our communities we need to get rid of. The type of psychotic mind set that have been holding our communities back for the longest. They are angry and pisted that the universe cardinal points are on line and they don’t want to get with the program…….At this point the supposition is way more then the need of a pacify and way bigger than this negativity. They future is here and are constantly passing none of this negativity will be able to stop it this new day and generation……

      • random reader Reply

        I don’t apologize for sickness and everyone who made a sick comment about EVERY BLACK MAN is during something to them should be assign to a mental institution.

        Shouldn’t “during” be doing? Oh well, I digress. Anyway,I wonder if this same uneasiness is felt when black-male bashers generalize black women by bashing all of them? No intention to hate just curious?

        These negative Black women(Hoes) on this blog are unrepairable and need to park themselves into the next human junkyard…

        Them being hoes may be a stretch, considering the fact they come from different places, background, age groups etc- and, considering the fact that you may not know these different women never having met them. Excusing that, how does this take away from the fact that some black men get called out because they mistreat others?

    • random reader Reply

      I feel the anger in the words, written by our black women and its very justified yet I think we should all look at this whole mess together because it feels like we are playing out someone’s script. This script ends with the total genetic destruction of us as a people and this is nothing new.

      ME:The idea that “others” are adversaries that are not looking out for us is nothing new either. Yet some negroes- both genders- but especially some males (that support this letter,whine about BW, and blame BW for everything) have intentionally done things detrimental to black people despite knowledge of this whether they stayed in the black community or left it. So some of “us” ain’t looking out for each other either. Some people are of no assistance to black people whether they stay or leave. So why care about “all of us” when some of us don’t care about ourselves or other black people.

      Without us there is no you phenotypically speaking.

      ME: This may be but with all the crap going on- that some folks seem to have no intention of working on maybe us existing here is a mixed blessing( Maybe some bloodlines need to stop being perpetuated.); and maybe “some”-(SOME)- of us don’t need to be here if all we have to offer is misery/being dead weight to other people.

      Some outside force, some subliminal suggestion got this ball rolling and please don’t get me wrong we as men still have the responsibility for the harmful acts we have done to our women and communities yet we were weak and drunk the kool aid.

      ME: Some outside force may have done this, but some nuts-of both genders-but particularly the black man happily went along with the foolishness if it meant he could be the model token. I am not an apologist to white oppression- I don’t hold white people blameless- but some people do not act right even when they get an idea that certain outside forces don’t mean them well so some of this can’t be put at the foot of white people. The white man is a huge culprit but he has some help in pitiful, destructive negroes.

      There has to be a starting point and I’m committed to help build better relationships and communities.
      ……………Are we really ready to see the fallout of a gender war? Are we really ready to face the music after this country achieves its goal of annihilation of our race? Any one that doesn’t see it coming is uninformed.

      I don’t aim to be offensive so I hope you don’t take it this way.You-as an individual- may be willing to build “better relationships and communities” but with a large OOW single mom/a high “baby daddy rate” and a high black on black crime rate some people clearly are not about “building” so you apparently may not speak for good amount of folks sir. About the gender war , there has “been” a gender war. It is nothing new either! It is only interesting that some people are saying anything now that women are making rebuttal to messages designed to attack them by certain black men which leads me to this question. Where was all the concern about fears of genocide when some men were the main ones promoting abandoning black women, excessive swirling, and other things detrimental to both black women and people?

      An attack on us as men is an attack on BW and vice versa.

      ME: That has “been” the case but the concern is not evenly meted out so it is what it is. If Akai Gurley was Akilah Gurley we probably wouldn’t have even heard about the case-and If we did Akilah would be called out her name and blamed for her death by at least some of the same men that penned similar letters to the above or who hope for support.

      • random reader Reply

        Oh, and for ANYbody who may potentially respond by attempting to ridicule me or write me off as simply a “bitter black B” to dismiss my observations (I’m not the only one who feels this way.) Consider this You Tube posting:

        A Black Man Confirms Black Males Ain’t Shit-Lisa Humphrey.

        The title above is the name of the post-I didn’t write it.

        All this said whether small/large, the strong, those willing to survive, strive, and provide support to other strong people if needed/wanted or whatever will survive. Those who are the opposite either may have a tough go of it or probably won’t- but if they know what is going on but have no desire to survive but despise others that do maybe they deserve all the hardship coming their way.

  41. Wow..maybe I’m the exception here. I’ve always supported Black men, even if some(
    refuse to put all Black men in one box .

    My pops walked on my family as a young child,I was picked on for being ” too white” by Black kids , my grandmother showing favoritism between me and cousin because of being ” too dark'” and to top it off,I was a victim of violent crime by a Black man.

    I could have resented Black men because of those awful events but I thankfully didn’t. I’ve never wanted to harbor negative feelings toward Black people. What good would that do? If anything , it makes us look Neo Nazis will accept us into their organizations.

    Thankfully, I’ve always been around Black people who loved themselves enough to love other Black people.Downing Black women..or men in this case..would have been unacceptable with them.I have Black brothers,nephews,uncles and cousins. If I had sons, I would be hating him because of his Blackness.

    While I’m not denying the existence of self hating Black men ,there the blog writer said..Black men who never fell out of love with Black women. I can attest to that.

    I will support Black men because I derived from a Black man and care enough about myself and community. At the end of the day, guess who will be there for a Black woman.I promise that it won’t be a White or non Black one.

    I would want to give people the impression that being Black is bad.Self hating ourselves will not do us any good.

  42. Y’all are weak, burdensome, powerless and ON YOUR OWN. Who’s the bitches now?

    • we will always have the best power and it is called ancestor’s power….undefeatable….you got a taste of it when that nigga put his foot up in yo asss which you are so mad about… got a child mind…..

      • If you have power why are you at the bottom of society? if you are so powerful why are you getting killed and locked up like animals? If you are kings, where are your kingdoms and in what condition are they? What have your ancestors done for you lately? Ever? huh?

  43. keisha randall Reply

    This is very difficult for me. I want to be there for black men but I just can’t anymore. I’m tired of seeing black women being put down and disrespected by black men. Most black men put other races of women over us constantly. It’s like black women are invisible then when something bad happens to black men all a sudden you notice us and we are worthy of your attention. Most black women are taking care of their children alone but still get criticism,it’s like nothing we do is ever right or good enough for you unless we fight for black men. I’m starting to think black men actually hates us. I just can’t anymore I’m here for black women because I understand black women pain and frustration but I can’t be there for black men. all most of black men are going to do is use black women for fighting and protesting but then eventually we will be thrown aside for other races of women. I don’t hate black man but I feel like I will eventually hate them so I have to take a step back and focus on me and black wome. I just can’t do it anymore.

    • no black man wants a cop out anyway and who cares about who you want to be down with. Sounds like earth will stop revolving because you are not around ……it sounds like they coundn’t tell the difference between one man from the next, they deserved it.

      • Honestly you have to much time on your hands. You are just replying and being disrespectful to these women. All you are doing is proving their points, and confirming their thought and feelings. If you would set your ego to the side you would see a lot of women are hurt and frustrated but besides trying to understand where some of the women are coming from you are just being nasty. I hope you come at men the same way you come at women. Or are your nasty disrespectful attacks only reserved for women. Honestly just keep confirming women thoughts and feelings at the end of the day your just making it easier.

        • who give [(((FIVE))))] “shits” about where all of yall go and how yall feel. In case yall don’t recognize your own behavior every answer on here are directed toward all black men………that’s how confused you are ……you don’t know which one that you’re fucking did what to you……by fucking around so many….you thing every black male is fucking you….

          • So now we’re all hoes? LMAO. you know that many black men are abusing and disrespecting many black women. Now you are just butt hurt and unravelling mentally. descending into incoherent illogical ranting. Go let Becky kiss it better.

      • random reader Reply

        Dude, “if the earth won’t stop revolving if she moves on, then why not ignore her and go find the BW/nonBlack women” who supports you. Alot of things women say are the truth regardless of the relationships they allegedly been in because black men themselves openly do and say horrible stuff. Even if this individual person did “swirl” that would not change the fact that black women have a point in saying a noticeable amount don’t act right. You can take this message however you want and do what you want but you may as well just move on to other women black/nonblack who care because attempting to pit-down/ridicule/browbeat/shame/humiliate BW who are not focused on BM is not working.

  44. Uhmm to the ONE woman posting over and over with different names, we get it. You hate black men. Can you stop flooding the comments so we can read other opinions? I can tell that 90% of them are yours – its ok you can move on. Thanks.

    • CaribbeanGlow Reply

      Lol, you wish that were true. This is happening everywhere… literally. Black women are waking up worldwide. I’m new here too, btw; never been to this site before this moment.

    • haha! I really did laugh at this, I don’t know who you were referring to but come on, surely you can tell that a majority of these comments are from different women. If you can’t tell look up statistics, they’ll let you know how we are starting to feel. Toodles!

  45. If this were true, black women would not be so consistently degraded, disrespected, and left out in the cold by black men.

    Nice try, though.

      • Why do you care EL Samu (or should that be EL Shamu)? Why hang around and comment? I’m sure there are black women who haven’t “destroyed black communities” and aren’t weak in mind and in spirit. I’ll never understand why trolls like you like to hang around boards and complain.

        BTW – why don’t you go off and oscillating somewhere else.

    • It sounds like you been already gone long ago, we never missed you. You, hanging on this blog and chasing black articles just to put it down……seems you need a life….and learn more words other than four letters……empty…

  46. LMAOOO as you can see by the comments you are on your own… Black women are wising up… Lets see the other races of women who black men say love them so much stand on the front line… I’ll be laughing at black men as I continue to live excellently…

    • yall clowns don’t determine nothing, you are not even a microdot in this universe to even think you are gonna vex this show…..

  47. Im feeling likewise. Black men have degraded us, told us we’re unappealing and that they dont want us because we have attitudes but you need us and tgen what like always we help you get up and you go get a Cindy, Stephanie or Susie and leave us. No thank you. I love black men always will but you gotta help yourselves now.

    • he was telling you the truth about yourself, and your quality and tendencies to quit and give up, oscillate his entire life away …..seems like he went in to deep with a relationship with an idiot and found out tooo late……

  48. So, basically, this is a missive asking Black women to enact even MORE emotional labor. And I don’t see anything even remotely resembling the promise of reciprocity or acknowledging that Black women also need support and are being killed by state violence. I guess Black women standing in the middle of the street in protest for Black men’s lives, and at the risk of our own safety, isn’t enough.

    ““De nigger woman is de mule uh de world so fur as Ah can see.” -Nanny to Janie in “Their Eyes Were Watching God” by Zora Neale Hurston

    • Black women WIN when they fight state terrorism against black men and by extension black people. Black women LOSE when they fight against black men like white supremacists. Black women were MULES to white men and white supremacy, not to black men and black people. You’re twisted and confused.

      • CaribbeanGlow Reply

        Black women win when we remember we are women. We shouldn’t be fighting for you. We should be loved and hugged and kissed. We’re not your extension. You are ours. Black women were definitely mules to black men and black (male) causes and that’s all this letter is asking for more of. Look how angry black men get when we try to speak up for what we need. You use “feminist” as a slur.

      • Sir a white man has never ever harmed me or even threatened to harm me. I cannot count the number of times that a black man has threatened and at times even succeeded in harming me.
        A white man has never insulted my features in fact many white people have complimented me on my features., I cannot count the number of times a black boy/man has insulted my features.
        A white man got me a scholarship to further my studies. A white man helped me start my business. Mind you these two different men asked for nothing in return from me. And now, a white man is spending his every waking moment thinking of ways to make me happy. The only thing a black man has ever done for me is donate the sperm that made me.
        Bye Felicia!

    • you are so full of shit until it’s at an all time catastrophe level…..try being conscious maybe that will help you with that vague asss reality that you have.

  49. Tina PettyBlack Reply

    Waiting for the you all are bed wenches and thots and feminists who left black men for a welfare check.

  50. All of this shit y’all need us for though is way too much fucking work. I don’t have the time.

  51. ….why does this whole article sound like an open letter from a boy to his mother?; not to mention the thumbnail pic fits that vibe as well.

    They still don’t get it….

    Oh well,

    Sincerely, Yet-Another-Black-Woman-Leaving-Blackistan-with-plenty-suitors-waiting-for-me-at-the-doe

  52. Why are you recruiting soldiers from among other he very black women that so many of you black men openly detest. There are some foolish black women that are so desperate for your attention that much hey are willing to lay down their lives and fight for your honor, but intelligent ones are citing you lose like the bad loss that you are. Real men do not beg women to go into battle for them. Why is it that black people don’t get that?! Men are supposed to protect women and not the other way around. You need to entreat your brothers. You know, the ones who that you stand by and allow to destroy your reputations, communies and life prospects. Stop trying to burden black women with doing YOUR jobs!

    • An Exhausted Sis Reply

      “Real men do not beg women to go into battle for them.”

      You *clap*
      Betta *clap*
      Preach! *clap*

  53. Sadly the comments here are the growing sentiment of Black women. I’m one of them. I only day SAD because you had a chance to do right by your women. You chose selling drugs, gangs, rap lyrics that demean your women and the love of money over your women and children. Now we don’t care if you all live or die.

    The Black woman is tired of being the foot soldier of the race while our men continue to disrespect us. 5…4….3….2… you TIME IS UP.

  54. I would love to see some of the answers and responses to what the ladies have said. Yup have Mr Sotomayor putting black women down daily, and I for one have not seen either enough black men putting him down or any petitions trying to get him off the air or whatever.
    It is a shame that you NOW want black women to stand by you, when so many things are happening to you. Why did you not want us when things where good ? You have to understand black women aren’t stupid. You can’t continuously put black women down because of thier skin tone, play them off against each other and what ever other race you deem is better at the time, taunt them because of thier hair and then when the shit hits the fan say ‘we need you’.

    • CaribbeanGlow Reply

      I am so happy to see black women aware and done.

      “You’ve got to learn to leave the table
      When love’s no longer being served”.”
      ― Nina Simone

  55. Marian brown Reply

    I am spool glad that black women are waking up. Black women have been the but of MANY jokes. Let these grown black men stand up for themselves. Also why aren’t they talking about how much they need ming long, Consuela, or Becky?

  56. Fuck you black males and your dark ass nigga fingers. I’m shocked you black males even have bone structure, since y’all can’t structure family, jobs, building’s for jobs and homes, child support checks, sense, logic, your Rouge ass sons, and a condom for y’all diseased dycks. Black males are the most hollow fuckers on Earth, that is controlled by every non black man on Planet Earth. Black males are so lazy they want everyone to fix their issues. I’m shocked you niggas have legs, because y’all stay amputating yourselves. You raggedy hoes always want someone to walk for your ashy neck asses.


    Ya mama should have swallowed and set her throat on fire.

  57. Cut the crap. Your days of disrespectING us are over. Chickens coming home to roost, eh?

  58. So now you want us. Cute. You said we were too loud, too independent, too this, too that bahahahaha. Be glad I just got out of church and will refrain from going all the way in.

  59. Nope. You’re on your own! All this time, the hiphop culture, the black community, you killing each other, thought we were birds, skeezers, hoes and thots?! Pretty for a dark skin girl huh?! You need to get to the front of the marching line. Immediately!

  60. Dear Black Man,

    I hear you saying you need us but I need to be clear. I NEED THE COPS. Yes, I’m nervous around them, but at the end of the day, law enforcement is more of a protector than the average black male civilian. Black women are far more likely to be raped and killed by a black male civilian than a cop. So Please beg the women with better attitudes (Becky, Mai Ling, Lupe) to help you. To be frank, I’m plain old not interested in helping you with your needs.


    an enlightened black woman.

    • You don’t know what you’re talking about.. Cops don’t stop black crime; they only clean up after it. More importantly, without the black man black women wouldn’t even exist. So if cops win, black women lose. Alternatively, Black female stereotypes are abounds everywhere, so are black male stereotypes. This assertion that black women should hate and fight against black men because of tit-for-tat is stupid. Black women like you cut your nose to spite your face.

      • CaribbeanGlow Reply

        Stereotypes exist for everyone. Many black women don’t fit any of the “black woman” stereotypes. We need to and are looking out for ourselves and one another. We’re not fighting you, we’re just done with you. We finally got your number. It isn’t tit for tat, it’s living our best lives. Cops do help us. If a black man is threatening me on the street, I will call the cops. I’m not waiting until “black crime” gets me. We have no allegiance to you anymore. So many of you said you don’t belong to us. Be happy we finally got it.

        • So true, as a BW it is most likely a BM that will attack me…I’m afraid of black men, they are the most criminally predisposed, uneducated, impotent males around. So pathetic. Looks like BW are waking up finally.

      • Cut my nose? No sir I’m cutting out a cancer! Getting chemo too so that shit don’t ever return! What does being with a black man help me with? How has being down for black men ever helped any black woman? How did it help Korryn? No sir!

        I am not here for you or any of your fellow kings anymore! Got me a fine ass European man who treats me with so much respect and dignity.Always makes sure my needs are met. His mama loves me too! I am so gone! So, so, gone.

    • So true, as a BW it is most likely a BM that will attack me…I’m afraid of black men, they are the most criminally predisposed, uneducated, impotent males around. So pathetic. Looks like BW are waking up finally.

  61. Most of you black women who answered with sarcasm sound as hard as a man anyway. What real man would want your kind but a whiteman. Your skin is black too and your experience is about the same as ours. So you are still are just a mammy in the present of your slave master. No matter what a black man did to you could never add up to what your slave master and his system have done and are still during to you. It’s weak black women like you who have totally destroyed our black communities anyway. You are weak in mind and spirit and thinking you are escaping something, but take a guess, all of the white man’s material bullshit will never cover your suffering. Your inimical hate is your dow fall and we are glad to see you leave because you’re the type who will abort a black life just because it’s black and the psychotic thinking you are brainwashed with. The irony in your writing shows how bitter and sick you are and how mentally damaged you are. I don’t have to wish nothing upon you because you are being taken care of at this very monment you and all of the white man’s material bullshit that you try to cover yourself in. So, stay your cowardly ass where you are along side your cowardly slave master. We knew you were no help anyway and never would amount up to being shit but a “bitch” ……..those rapp songs are not lying, you couldn’t wait to play those roles out…..

  62. Most of you black weman who answered with sarcasm sound as hard as a man anyway. What real man would want your kind but a white man. Your skin is black too and your experience are about the same as ours. So, you are still a mammy in the presents of your master. No matter what a black man did to you could never add up to what you master and his system have and are still during to you. It’s weak black women like you who have totally destroyed our black communities any way. You are weak in mind and spirit and think that you are escaping something, but take a guess, all of the white man’s material bullshit will never cover your suffering. Your inimical hate is your down fall and we are glad to see you leave because you are the type who will abort a black life just because it’s black and the psychotic thinking you are brain washed with. The irony in your writing shows how bitter and sick you are and how mentally damaged your are. I don’t have to wish nothing upon you because you are being taken care of at this very moment you and all of the white man’s bullshit that you try to cover yourselfs in. So, stay your cowardly asss where you are along side your cowardly slave master, we know you were no help anyway and never would amount up to being shit but a “bitch”…..those rap songs are not lying, you couldn’t wait to play those roles out.

    • CaribbeanGlow Reply

      Great! Then don’t ask for anything from us. Tell the author of this laughable letter, too.

    • random reader Reply

      Your skin is black too and your experience are about the same as ours.

      None of this stop some black men from dismissing and mistreating BW-some who haven’t done a thing to black women. Some of these guys may have been mistreated at some point but some of these dudes take their anger out on women who haven’t.

      No matter what a black man did to you could never add up to what your master and his system have and are still during to you.

      When these men have purpose done harmful things to us knowing the outcome they were just as bad as the white man because what they did resulted in harm to us along with the community. If these dudes did what they did knowing that bad whites have an agenda, they were just as bad because they knew this but tried to harm us anyway.


  63. We have no hope for you ESP if u are just recognizing our value and worth. You have your B.A., M.A.. PhD, J.D., M.D. And we do as well. So rather than be with us so that u can have a satisfying sexual intellectual and financially stable relationship, U marry Becky, Maria, Nicole who earned GEDs after they met you. So the chances of future generations benefitting from your improved circumstance are none.
    So kudos to the Eve sAnd Sheryls for doing the next best thing–marrying rich white men. Now u can go to hell.

  64. I’m a dark skinned woman. Until this day I have heard in cute for a dark black woman. My brothers would rather have Heather, Maria, Ming, or a mixed girl because she’s eye candy and your children will come out mixed. But those women (the non-black) will not have your back. They will feel bad for you but they cannot relate and truly empathize. Now you say you need us black women. Where are you black men when we need you? When we need you to tell the black strippers to stop all that and be a queen? When we need yo to be exceptional fathers to daughters and sons? When we need you to see us black women are partners and not competition? The world is treating you the way they are because as a whole brothers and sisters have lost pride in themselves but my brothers used to be the foundation of our pride and you let outsiders destroy it!

  65. TexasIslandgurl Reply

    I need, I need, I need, I need. Fuck black men. Ya on your own. Figure out your own way. Can’t speak for other but got far more important thinges to worry about than some random black men who got shot and killed by the cop who was more than likely a criminal and pretty much had it coming. Black men for years have treated black women like doormats, foot stools, cum buckets, cash cows, soldiers etc and now black women like myself are simply saying NO. you men have stood silent when we are discriminated, judge wrongly, sexually assualted, harassed, raped, murdered. Yes ma bruvaz you have been teaching me how I should treat you, unlike other black women who fought, begged you to do better, twist themselves into pretzel to accommodate you, I choose not, I took notes, I let you teach me how I should treat you and I will respond in kind. No mercy, no room for error and no forgiveness. Thank you black men.

    Sincerely, an apathetic black woman.

  66. It’s never too late to build! By building us up, we can do the exact same and the cycle repeats. Thank you for saying what so many black women needed to hear!

  67. You men don’t want partners; you want mothers. And black women have more than enough of your children (that you abandoned to) raise. We don’t have time to raise some grown ass man too. Get your mind right. You straight up sound pathetic, weak, and useless. Which isn’t that far off. Better call Becky with the good hair. Good luck.

    – A black woman who fled Blackistan

  68. Absolutely not. I’ve watched so many black women being cast aside by black men like trash after we’ve been fighting for men like you for so long. We’ve been called every name in the book, we’ve abused mentally, emotionally and physically. No one comes to our aid when we are in trouble. No one fights for us. No one protects us. So now it’s time black women protect themselves. Screw you.

  69. Ursula Franklin Reply

    How sweet however as the ladies said above “a day late and a dollar short” I feel for you and what our black men go through (however) to actually have you to fully understand our pain as well, the other exotic women that you seek comfort in your bed, in your social circle et al, those are the women you should seek to for (love) #sorrynotsorry

  70. Help your damnselves, and for once stop acting like little bitches. Or, go get your Becky to help you.

  71. Too little too late. You demean us in your songs. Brag about how you date every other race except your own. You rape us, beat us, kill us more t hy an any race of women. You never marry us but leave us with your bastards children to raise. We as black women have to worry 6 being raped, murdered, k idk a 6 and sold into prostitution by black men, terrorize our areas with drugs and gang violence. Black women are the most educated than ANY race. We are the fastest rising entrepreneurs in America. Niggah. Go get Becky, ling, ling and Maria to march for you. Fuck you. Your a cancer to black women. We are educated enough to afford safer areas away from this madness. We are not to be used to help you o your feet anymore. You as much of a threat as white people to us. But unlike you, we are going g to use the white man’s education to get us where we need to be. You have abandoned us for decades to the point that we are comfortable with our independence. Now YOU get used to protesting yourself!!!!! Goodbye and good riddance niggah. I’m buying a condo that is safe a niggah free!

    • Rap music demeans everyone: white, black, Latina, etc, even black men whom are often the topic of violent lyrics. Moreover crime happens more to black men than black women, yet you don’t see black men turning on black people as that makes zero sense. Furthermore black women are only the most educated when it comes to degrees (most of which are in nonsense). Non-blacks knows this and that’s why Black women still make the least money in the USA and the world. So your “black woman are educated” statement is empty. Black women will forever be below white women, ASian, Latina, etc in terms of wealth and power until black men rise too. Lastly, black men cannot be the “as much of a threat as white people” to black women. Black women afterall only exist in large numbers in places black men also exist (and breed black women). Black men ironically are black women’s saviours. Without us black women disappear into white assimilation like is what happened in Argentina.

  72. Bull. Too little too late haven’t you noticed black women are leaving black men?? black women don’t care anymore only a few Mammys the good black women aren’t there you have let us down you

    You black men prove how little you respect black women with 72% out of wedlock rate!

    60% of black girls under the age of 18 has been sexually molested who’s doing that it’s not the white man!

    sincerely a black woman who doesn’t care what happens to black men.

    I dare you to post this I doubt you will you expect me to rush here and say we love you I don’t love black men because black man don’t love me there is no black love and there is no black unity unless black man are killed by the police otherwise you call us bitches and hoes

  73. Maybe you should call Becky, Lupe, Nairi, or Mei Ling since many BM have deemed them to be more desirable women and mothers.

    • “We are hurting.” HA. Stop fool. Just stop. Get your s#\+ together. Deserve us and we might throw you bone. Til then, don’t let the do’ hit ya where the good lord split ya.

    • Zeta -My sentiments exactly. Becky, Lupe, Nairi, Mei Ling can help y’all black males out. Don’t bother black women any more since all good things come from the nonblack and/or mixed women. The black male collective has elevated every other race/nation of women except their own so for once be a man (or at pretend to be one) and STAND by YOUR CHOICE!

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