For those of you who had NO CLUE… Jill Scott decided to ROCK THE MIC during one of her most recent concerts and a fan caught a clip of her performance on video. What are your thoughts on Jill’s decision to rock the mic?


Rite of Passage


Chastity N. Kennedy:

“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22: 6

I am so proud of this dynamic young brotha and future freedom fighter, Jalen Kennedy, for winning 1st Place in the Morehouse Magnet School Social Studies Competition – Sociology Category …

Movement / Struggle

All Eyes on Zulaikha & Pretoria High School for Girls

In South Africa, Zulaikha Patel, a 13 year old, has sparked a movement at Pretoria High School for Girls. Outraged by harassment, racism, and mistreatment that she has received due to how she wears her hair, Zulaikha is taking a stand and fighting back. She, her sister Amira, and their peers have band together and …

Movement / Struggle

Black Men, We Need You More!


Dear Black Man,

We as Black women hear you. We understand that you need us, for that need was determined at the dawn of creation. We’ve been clear on our purpose, our role, and our responsibility. We’ve shouldered our weight, and in many instances, your burden too. But…

It’s time YOU recognize your power and your worth.
It’s …

Black Love

Lost in Love

Good evening lovers. The evening is winding down and hopefully you are cuddling with your beauty or beast and reading this together. Tonight’s topic is about being lost in love. When we get into a relationship with someone, we are enamored. We view them through rose colored lenses and they can do no wrong. The …

Your UB Ad Could be Here

Movement / Struggle

Black Women, We Need You!


In light of all that has been happening in the country, I write to you all a love letter in support of my fellow Kings, also known as Black men. #Blacklivesmatter

Dear Black Woman,

We need you… In spite of what has been said and or portrayed. We love us some Black women. The switch in your …


If I Am Ever To Die By The Hands of Police

Don’t lie down for the same amount of time my body did

Don’t ring a bell for the same amount of times I was shot

Don’t spread the news with my name as a hash tag

Don’t stand on cars and buses with flames lit like our hearts

Don’t get mad at the news for posting that I was …

Movement / Struggle

America Taught Me


Ravyn X & Ryan X:

Nearly a week ago, vibrant colors painted the evening sky, explosives sputtered, and barbecues were lit. July 4th! –The day we commemorated relentless demands for liberty by our nation’s founding fathers. We celebrated their refusal to accept anything less than a revolution that would offer complete independence from their oppressor. We …